10-Minute Healthy Ground Turkey Skillet

April 19, 2018


 This random combo of veggies and seasonings is SO delicious, packed with healthy veggies and fats, and low-carb so it doesn’t weigh you down. It’s ridiculously quick and easy. If you don’t mind the carbs this is good over brown rice too, and if you make it that way you’ll eat less meat and probably have some left over. This would be great with ground chicken too!

Total Thyme: 10 minutes


Serves: 2 (maybe in your house it would serve more, but my husband and I devour the whole thing!)



Ground Turkey: 1 lb


Kale: about 3 big handfuls or ¾ of a 10-ounce bag


Shredded Carrots: 2 big handfuls or about ½ of a 10-ounce bag


Bell Pepper: 1/2 


Avocado: 1 small


Coconut Oil: 2 tbsp.


Soy Sauce: a few shakes


Trader Joe’s Everything-But-The-Bagel Seasoning: a few shakes


If you don’t have this, use sesame seeds and a few shakes of salt instead!




Heat a large pan to medium and add coconut oil.


Add ground turkey to pan and brown. Use your spoon or spatula to chop into little pieces while it cooks.


Add green pepper to the pan and cook with the turkey for a few minutes.


Add kale and carrots to the pan and cook until kale is wilted.

Add a few shakes of soy sauce, to your liking.


Once the veggies are as cooked as you like them to be, divide the mixture between 2 bowls.


Top each with a few slices of avocado and either the bagel seasoning or sesame seeds. Enjoy!


Healthy- CHECK!
Easy- CHECK!

Fast- CHECK!


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