Sesame Chicken Wraps

April 22, 2018



I think I found a new favorite! These are full of fiber and protein, and make a great dinner or lunch option. There’s not much more to say other than they’re everything I’m looking for in a meal..they’re so easy, healthy and soooo good. I bought Trader Joe's Flour Tortillas with Whole Wheat, which are great because I used the rest of the packages for lunch roll-ups and other easy meals the rest of the week. 


Total Thyme: 15 minutes

Serves: 2-3 (makes 4 wraps total)



For the Dressing

Mayo: ½ cup (I recommend one that’s made with olive oil, like Smart Balance)


Sesame Oil: 2 tablespoons


Agave Nectar: 1/3 cup


Rice Vinegar:  3 tablespoons


For the wraps

Tortillas: 4 (I used Trader Joe’s  Flour Tortillas with Whole Wheat)


Chicken Breasts: 2


Broccoli Slaw: 3 cups, ready made


Slivered or Crushed Almonds: about a handful


Green Onions: optional, 4 tablespoons chopped



Chop chicken into bite-size pieces.


Add a drizzle of oil or non-stick spray to pan and cook over medium heat. While that’s cooking…


Mix the dressing ingredients together in a large bowl. Add  broccoli slaw and mix well.


Once the chicken is done, assemble each wrap with slaw, chicken, a sprinkle of almonds and green onions if you’d like.


Roll up and enjoy!




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