The Sexy 7 Day Tune Up: My Honest Review

June 3, 2018


Hi friends! If you follow my blog you know that I don’t like to give you paragraphs of personal content to scroll through. Today’s post is a little different. I’m giving the low down on a diet and exercise plan I recently tried. If you every feel like it's time to hit the REST BUTTON on your health, read on.  If you don’t want to read all of this, scroll down to “ABOUT THE SEXY 7 DAY TUNE UP


Part of the reason I started The Thyme Saver in the first place was to hold myself accountable to a healthy lifestyle. When I first had my son, I was eating really unhealthy, grabbing anything I could get my hands on out of a wrapper, and was in no routine when it came to fitness, sleep, staying hydrated, or any of those things that make us feel good. The first step I needed to take was actually making an effort to get a healthy dinner on the table. The next step was finding ways to incorporate exercise into my life again with limited time.


On my maternity leave I started sneaking in quick workout videos to make me feel better and tone up. These were wayyyy more doable for me than taking time away from my new baby to get to the gym, and now that I’m working full time, these videos have become a great solution for me, and I think they can be helpful for busy gals everywhere.


I stumbled upon PopSugar Fitness, and it has become my go-to YouTube channel for workout videos. You can find any type of workout you’re looking for, whether you have an hour, or just 5 minutes . If you checked out my post on 4 Thyme-Saving Workout Videos, you may have tried one of these videos, hosted by Anna Renderer.


When I reached out to Anna to see if she was ok with me sharing a link to her videos in my blog post, I quickly learned that she has a whole brand called the Sexy Confident life, that’s focused on helping us women not only improve our health and bodies, but also gain confidence, become more effective and ultimately get the lives we want. She has diet and exercise plans that you can purchase, as well as a free podcast that I now love listening to on my drive to work to focus myself and pump myself up for the day. I never thought I’d listen to a self-help podcast, but now I’m addicted!


The Sexy Confident Woman Formula is a 30 day plan that encompasses all these things (diet, exercise, and life-coaching), but I wasn’t quite ready to commit to all of that. So I started with her Sexy 7 Day Tune Up because that seemed doable. I generally eat pretty healthy, but I love my wine and chocolate, and I can’t remember the last time I went on a plan that required discipline. I was definitely ready to hit the reset button, and I’m glad that I did. 



  • You get a meal and workout planner that makes it easy to follow

  • You get to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, all using normal food and ingredients

  • This, and all of Anna’s meal plans, seem to use the general principles of Beach Body minus the measuring and pre-portioning (thank God)

  • You can get this plan, which you can use over and over, for less than a monthly gym membership. This one is $47.00 and totally worth it. 

My general feedback:


Giving up alcohol, sweets, meat and white flour for a week were tough, but that's what a reset is, and 1 week is totally reasonable. 


The recipes couldn’t be easier or more fitting for a thyme-saver like me. Super simple, just a few ingredients.


I am ALWAYS struggling with bloat, no matter what the number on the scale is for me. I didn’t feel bloated the entire week I was sticking with this plan.


I wasn’t so focused on losing lbs, but I did lose 2 the week I did this.


I modified the meal plan slightly. I made all of the dinners but I kept breakfast, lunch and snacks easy by just picking a couple recipes and repeating them.


I'm now obsessed with the banana pancakes.


Generally, I try to eat healthy, but I didn’t realize how many simple tweaks I needed to make in my daily regimen until I did this. I just do better when I have a little guidance, and this was what I needed.


The 4 best takeaways for me that I am trying to stick with on a daily basis, regardless of whether I'm on a plan or not, are:

1. Drinking more water

2.  Switching from creamer in my coffee to coconut oil and almond milk

3. Not mindlessly eating sweets a ll day

4. Not overeating at dinner


So, at the end of the day, I recommend this 1000% to anyone looking to reset and feel better. Here’s a link to where you can get this and any of Anna’s other programs. Some of the plans even include coaching calls with her! If you're looking for a legit plan to try that you can stick with, check it out!


I can’t wait to dive into the Sexy Confident Woman formula next! I’ll report back on that! And maybe I’ll do some before and after pictures then. I didn’t feel they were fitting for this, since it was just a one week plan and I really just felt better than I could put into a photo.

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