Healthy Mexican Pasta Salad

August 20, 2018


This 5-ingredient, 10-minute meal is great as a make-ahead lunch or a perfect weeknight dinner when you’re short on thyme and want something delicious. It’s good hot or cold. You could even double this recipe and bring it to a Summer party as a healthy side.


This was my first time using Banza chickpea pasta, and it won’t be my last. My husband even loved it!


The mayo is from the creator of MarksDailyApple. He is a super healthy paleo/keto/whatever I’m not disciplined enough for guy,  and I absolutely love his products! If you can’t find his Primal Kitchen mayo and dressings in your grocery store, you can find it here.  Use discount code TTS10 at checkout!


Total Thyme: 10 minutes


Serves: 4




Banza Pasta: 1 box (can substitute for any type of pasta). I recommend using a small shape like penne or rotini.


Avocado Mayonnaise: 4-5 tbsp.


Black Beans: 1 can


Corn: 1 can


Cilantro: 2 large handfuls




Cook pasta according to package directions.

While pasta is cooking, wash and chop your cilantro loosely.


When pasta is done, drain, and mix in a large bowl with the other 4 ingredients. You're done!




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