Have I Finally Found My Hangover Cure?

June 22, 2018


I get hangovers. Crippling….please pull over so I can puke…my day is shot because I drank last night kind of hangovers. 


This past weekend my friend got married, and I’ve been looking forward to her wedding for a long time. BUT I knew that no matter how wild the night got, I’d have to be up early to get back to my baby and play with him all day.


A coworker of mine recently recommended DripDrop and told me she puts it in her water before bed after a night out, and wakes up feeling good. I figured this weekend was the perfect time to try it out, so I ordered some on Amazon. And let me tell you, it was $10 well spent.

About Drip Drop and How it Works:

  • It was developed by an award-winning doctor to provide life-saving hydration

  • Has 3x the Electrolytes and ½ the sugar of sports drinks

  • You add 1 packet to 8oz of waters, mix until dissolved and drink it

  • It comes in a variety of flavors including Lemon, Berry and Watermelon

  • A box comes with 8 individual packets and costs about $10


My Experience with DripDrop:

  • I probably had about 5-6 glasses of wine throughout the night before I took it.

  • I poured it into my water before bed.

  • I woke up early and was dreading the 2 hour drive home. Sometimes after drinking I wake up feeling fine, but the second I get in a car my stomach flips. HOWEVER I made the entire drive without feeling sick at all. It was amazing, so, as far as I’m concerned, Drip Drop did its job.

  • I did take a few other steps to avoid a hangover, including:

    • Eating late night food

    • Taking an Advil in the middle of the night when I felt a headache coming on

    • Making sure that all day, prior to starting to drink, I stayed really hydrated

My Conclusion:

  • I can’t say for sure if DripDrop was the magical potion that helped me to avoid a hangover, but when combined with things you should do anyway, like drinking lots of water before drinking, it did EXACTLY what I needed it to

  • Amazon gets a lot of my money, and I feel like this might have been the best money I’ve spent there. Not being hungover gave me back my Sunday! 

  • I will be keeping it in stock at my house all the time now.

  • I'm a fan! If you find yourself in the same boat and want to try it, click here to order. 







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