5 Healthy and EASY One-Skillet Meals.

July 30, 2018

Saving THYME in the kitchen doesn’t just require finding a meal that only takes a little hands-on cooking. It also means not having to spend an hour after dinner cleaning pots and pans!


I love a good one-skillet meal for hectic nights when I just want my food, and I want it fast! I'm sharing some of my favorites. Each can be made in 10 minutes, only take 1 skillet, and have 5 ingredients or less (if you’re not counting optional garnishes). 


Total Thyme: Less than 10 minutes each


Serves: 2


Skillet Meal 1: Tapenade Chicken

 This dinner require next to no time or skill, but will make you a hero in your house! Click here for the full recipe. 



Skillet Meal 2: Teriyaki Salmon and Veggies

 If you like Salmon, this is a great way to get those Omega-3s! Great for a Meatless Monday too. Click here for the full recipe. 


Skillet Meal 3: Turkey & Veggies in Coconut Oil

 I'm obsessed with this easy meal. It's Paleo-friendly, filling and delicious! Click here for the full recipe. 


Skillet Meal 4: Sriracha Tofu with Black Beans and Kale

  This is a delicious, easy vegetarian meal made super easy by Trader Joe's Sriracha Tofu. Click here for the full recipe.


Skillet Meal 5: Romano Chicken and Spinach







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