Tapenade Chicken

July 30, 2018

 If you like tapenade, this dinner is for you! OMG. It's so good, and one of the easiest, most delicious chicken recipes around. But don't take my word for it. Grab a fresh container of store-bought tapenade and try it for yourself!


Chicken Breasts: 2

Spinach: 1 bag pre-washed

Olive Tapenade: 1 small store-bought jar (I like this kind)

Cherry Tomatoes: 1 large handful

Basil: 1 handful fresh, shredded or cut thin

Mozzarella Cheese: a few slices or fresh buffalo mozzarella, or about ½ cup of the mini pearls

Olive Oil or Non-stick spray for pan



Salt Chicken Breasts on either side.


Heat pan over medium-high and add oil or non-stick spray.


Add chicken and about 2 table spoons of the chopped basil. Cook through and set aside.


Add cherry tomatoes to pan and cook until soft. Add tapenade and stir for another minute or 2.  


Put the chicken back in the pan and cover with the tomatoes and tapenade.


Top with mozzarella. Leave in pan on low until the cheese is melted.


Dinner is done, and you only have 1 dirty pan!


Serving suggestions: Serve with a salad, whole grain pasta or chickpea pasta.






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