Easy Chocolate Pecan Clusters

October 30, 2018


Chocolate Clusters are little drops of heaven, and they’re one of the easiest desserts you can make. You only need a few ingredients and a few minutes.


My recipe below makes 10 clusters. Once you get your chocolate base, you can add more or less of anything you want. You can also replace the pecans for walnuts or peanuts. The world is your oyster!


Total Thyme: 5 minutes to make, 45 minutes to chill and harden


Servings: Makes 10 clusters



Chocolate Chips: 1 cup (use semi-sweet or dark)


Coconut Oil: 2 teaspoons


Rice Krispies Cereal: 3/4 cup


Chopped pecans or walnuts: (you can either chop who pecans or buy the baking kind that are already in pieces.): 1/3 cup


Mini marshmallows: 2 big handfuls


You’ll also need parchment paper.



Lay a sheet of parchment paper out over a large plate. Make sure you have room for this in your refrigerator.


Add chocolate chips to a small sauce pan and heat over medium. Stir frequently as they begin to melt.

Add coconut oil and give another good stir. Turn off heat.


Add the remaining ingredients, mix together well.


Use a regular spoon (as in one you’d eat soup or cereal with) and scoop the mix in globs onto the parchment paper. Leave a little space in between each.


Stick the plate or pan of clusters in the fridge to harden.


Keep refrigerated when you’re  not eating .


Healthy-ish- CHECK! (My justification: they are simple, not processed, and each ingredient has health benefits. Not terrible for you in moderation!)
Easy- CHECK!

Fast- CHECK!


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